Carson Calhoun
May 19, 2018 - May 20, 2018
Arm Balances and Transitions - All levels:

In this workshop, we will cover the basics of balancing on your arms and transitioning from pose to pose. The focus will be on developing the fundamentals to safely and confidently practice crow pose, headstands, and handstands. We'll start by building a solid foundation, learning how to be lighter and float through sun salutations. From there, it's on to the arm balances. We'll tackle crow pose and all of its cousins. Students will learn to safely enter, exit, and transition from pose to pose, and will certainly learn a new trick or two.

Handstands with Friends - All levels:

The title says it all. Come do handstands with friends. Don’t have a handstand? You’ll get one! Don’t have any friends? You'll make some! In this workshop, we will explore a variety of ways to get upside-down. Headstands, Forearm-stands, Handstands, and everything in between. Students will learn alignment drills on and off the wall, and with partners, to help grow their practice beyond this workshop. This workshop is perfect for beginner and intermediate students who want to advance their practice. It's also appetizing to advanced students and teachers who want to learn new teaching techniques.

After years of encouragement from his mother, Carson began practicing yoga in 2010. He did his first 200-hour teacher training in 2011 at Little River Yoga and has since studied Ashtanga Yoga with David B. Keil and Rocket Yoga with David C. Kyle. As a movement enthusiast Carson incorporates a variety of disciplines into his yoga classes, which focus on building a strong mind and body.

1 workshop $30
2 workshops $50 total