Heath Martin
Heath’s classes are passionate, compassionate, and fun. He often says, “This ain’t ya mamma’s yoga,” about his classes because he brings his own small town “Looziana” style to the big city yoga rooms. His classes celebrate his unrelenting “joie de vivre”. He teaches both Hot 60/Sonic Hot 60 yoga classes with particular attention paid to breath and honoring/pushing one’s own natural limits set by the body as well as Hot Core Cardio classes where the focus is high energy, sweat your $$$ off fun. Students in his classes leave feeling rejuvenated, energized, connected and cared for. Whether his class themes come from Jay Z or Frank Ocean, Olivia Pope or Alice Walker, Oprah or Joel Osteen(with a little help from Slim Thug), Heath always ties in the things he loves with the classes he teaches and that connection is palpable. Miracles do exist and he explores that very notion in each and every class. And if you're ready for fresh, new, funky, vibrant play lists check out his HCE Cardio classes as his music is infectious. His playlists can be found on Spotify under "dacoach218".
Heath is originally from Lake Charles, LA where yoga wasn’t even a thing. In fact his grandmother swears he’s a PE teacher because that’s how she conceptualizes what he does. He found his way to Houston as part of Teach for America. He spent the next 15 years in Houston public school classrooms teaching and coaching high school debate. As part of his desire to regain his connection to health and fitness, Heath first found his way to yoga through Bikram Yoga. Soon after he stumbled upon Yoga One Studios and thus began his true devotion and love affair with the practice. During the Spring of 2015 he completed the Yoga One teacher training program with A Tribe Called Yes and has been full steam ahead ever since. As they say back where he’s from, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

Spotify: dacoach218