Alicia Dugar
Class with Alicia centers around listening to the wisdom of your body. Breath-focused movement is encouraged as you practice mindfulness and self-care. You are invited to join in an engaging 60 minute session that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for whatever.

Alicia's yoga journey started with a Lupus diagnosis in 2009, immediately following her freshman year at Rice University. Life became a juggling routine: back and forth between body aches, doctors visits and prescription medications. Then, Alicia finally found yoga, after searching and hoping for a way to feel good in her body.

Since starting a daily yoga practice, she has found relief from joint pains and stiffness. Being able to understand her body for the first time inspired Alicia to encourage others to do the same. Naturally, she became a yoga teacher! She enjoys leading group classes and especially loves private sessions that allow her to share personal experiences in self healing.