Jimmy Tran
Jimmy teaches a lighthearted and carefree vinyasa flow with a special emphasis on hands-on assists. He encourages students to be adventurous and playful with their practice, and to drop any preconceived notions about themselves. He believes strength, flexibility, and balance are intimately linked, and ease of body and mind can be found only when these are cultivated together. Students will walk out of Jimmy’s class feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and curious about their lives on and off the mat.

Jimmy found yoga as an outlet for the emotional and physical stresses of daily life, but it has since grown to be so much more: a pathway to tremendous personal and spiritual growth. He sees yoga as a moving meditation, and his personal practice is inspired by slow and graceful movement and a love of arm balances and inversions.

Jimmy is a Houston native, and is absolutely in love with the YogaOne community. Jimmy’s interests are numerous and random, both nerdy and athletic, but he considers tennis to be his first love. You can also catch Jimmy giving hands-on assists for other classes!