Tony Succi
Tony teaches energetic, sweaty, uplifting, and fun classes emphasizing living your life to the fullest while not taking yourself too seriously. He safely guides students of all fitness levels through poses/exercises, while challenging to go beyond….to reach your edge. He has a high knowledge of core focused & body weight exercises that will burn fat, trim your waist, build your endurance, and make you stronger.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and then relocated to Texas. In 2006 fathered his first child and subsequently gained several inches around the waist. In 2010 after the birth of his 2nd child, Tony dramatically changed his lifestyle to become healthier and more fitness oriented. In 2011 took his very 1styoga class & fell in love with the healing, strength, & energy he was getting from practicing regularly…...then dropping several pant sizes and gaining lean muscle.

In 2015, Tony began teaching. He fully enjoys sharing his passion and energy with the YogaOne community, strives to perform at a high level, and will continue to develop & learn a lot more!