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Steffanie Hoang
Steffanie (with a double F) guides an intentional and fun vinyasa flow for all levels. Her classes provide opportunities to be challenged, curious and playful through a blend of strength, flexibility and balance. Influenced by her free spirited, albeit rebellious, nature, she empowers students to defy their perceived limitations and encourages authenticity by allowing the freedom for self-expression and exploration. Her goal is for students to connect the learnings and benefits gained from their practice to their daily lives off the mat.

An ardent runner, Steffanie sporadically practiced yoga at local gyms as a cross training alternative. It was one day when she discovered that she could get into “bakasana (crow pose)” that her true yogic journey began. She truly understood that limitations are just within the mind, and yoga gave her a chance to experience breakthroughs and see new possibilities.

Outside of teaching, you will see Steffanie at memorial park training for her next marathon, practising yoga next to you on the mat, experimenting with inversions/arm balances, and connecting with people around the YogaOne studios.