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Stacie Zollars
Stacie first began yoga April of 2015 as a way to cope with stress and anxiety that heightened after graduating college. Her first yoga class was at YogaOne and fell in love with the practice so much she decided to boldly quit her corporate job and become an instructor in 2015. The passionate instructor likes to guide her student’s through their practice by finding peace and steady breath to wash away any distracting thoughts during the 60 minutes of self-focus. Stacie likes to invite students to consider erasing away any negative judgment they find within themselves and instead feel the beautiful breath moving them throughout the poses. As a big believer that practice is not just for 60 minutes, Stacie encourages others to take their practice off the mat to find new possibilities of a more peaceful, balanced, and soothing lifestyle in hopes to heal the stress we all carry in daily life activities.

Stacie is a native Houstonian and you will find her on her devoted to her mat, running, or participating in any outdoor activity. As a former athlete, she avidly demonstrates a healthy and active lifestyle to remain fit and strong. She is full of life and looking to travel with her certification internationally to instruct yoga at various resorts around the world and spread the joy, love, and peace she shares with others.