Mattie Pena
Mathilde, or “Mattie”, encourages students to gently bring their body into alignment and balance with intentional cues focused on breath and feeling. By challenging students to experience something new, her classes are designed to bridge the connection between body, mind, and spirit in a safe, contemplative space. She believes the human body is wise beyond our knowing and that we can tap into intuition and learn to listen to what our hearts desire to live a healthy, happy life. Her students are guided to practice being vulnerable and open to what is coming up right NOW. Currently, she specializes in Flow and hopes to continually learn from new teachers, including you! Join her on the mat at YogaOne Bellaire, where she serves as Assistant Director of Operations. Be prepared for corny jokes and the occasional pun.

Mattie grew up in the frigid yet beautiful state of Minnesota. She moved to Houston in 2011 to attend Rice University, where she graduated in 2015 with a degree in Linguistics and French. She has practiced yoga since August 2014 after attending a yoga and meditation course in college. At the time, she was struggling with anxiety and negative body image, and found calm and ease on the yoga mat. It transformed her perception so much that she left the restaurant industry for a full-time position at YogaOne, where she wants to evolve as a human being and learn to live from love for all beings. In December 2015, Mattie trained with Lex Gillan of The Yoga Institute (RYT-200), and with the support of Roger, Albina, and the YogaOne Love Squad, completed YogaOne RYT-200 Teacher Training in April 2016.

La vie est belle!