Juan Leal
Juan focuses on helping others inhabit the inner body, the life-energy that is inside you and connecting that which is not seen with the breath. His classes encourage self-awareness and point toward a mindful, loving and kind practice, as he believes that by feeling this in our bodies will allow us to experience these states of mind on and off the mat. His intent to cohesively bring together body and breath leads to a decrease in the stream of thought creating space to let go of the mind, rewire the brain and restore the body. Juan’s athletic background and personality brings strength, discipline, fun and care for community. He believes that our highest self is always the best teacher from whom we’ll learn the most through our own practice and in our own journey. Students will find themselves feeling relaxed, strong and living in a more equanimous state after a HOT session.

Juan was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico and moved to Houston during 2012. Friends led him to the practice of yoga and he completed his RYT200 at YogaOne during the summer of 2015. He delights in having good conversation and believes in growth and progress through feedback, as it is in breaking the paradigms of the mind from where we can develop and expand. He is both fun and nerdy at heart and loves the experience of being alive, being active and is always striving to learn and evolve.