Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie’s classes are focused and guided by breath and presence. She encourages students to be patient in their practice and not to rush through it. She believes that taking time to breathe and feel each pose is the best way to connect to ourselves. She trusts that by connecting to our breath we connect to our power and by connecting to our power we let go of our fears. She knows that conscious breath leads to conscious life. Stephanie truly believes in uniting the mind, body and soul and that is exactly what yoga is; she believes there is something to take away from every practice and what we decide to do with that is up to us.

Stephanie was introduced to yoga in 2002 and practiced off and on until 2013. After years of internal and external struggles yoga opened up something inside her there was an energetic shift. She dove deep into practice and soon realized this was something she wanted to share with others . She did her 200RYT in 2014 with Yoga One and also participated in the Yin Yoga training. Stephanie also volunteers with at risk youth guiding them in yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices (Bright Heart Project).