Tamika Caston-Miller
Tamika’s classes are informed by life’s greatest teachers, including, but not limited to, love, friendship, chronic pain, and curiosity. She teaches hot (and spicy) yoga classes with an emphasis on fun, alignment, breath, and the practice of self-care. Students in Tamika’s classes are of all levels; they feel safe to explore their edge in each and every posture, are free to use props, receive modifications, and enjoy exquisite hands-on assists. Through a compassionate, yet challenging practice, students understand how powerful they truly are, and are encouraged to take lessons learned off the mat into their daily lives.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Tamika made her way to Houston after having spent a decade in crunchy Austin and an enlightening year in San Diego. While many think Dallasites are pretentious (well…), it’s nothing that she wanted to encounter in a yoga studio, especially as a full-figured yogini. After beginning her journey with yoga in 2001, Tamika began looking for a yoga studio that was not stuffy or exclusive, which would eventually lead her to the YogaOne community. She stumbled upon hot yoga in 2007 to deal with hip pain, and quickly developed a regular practice. As the years progressed, the hip pain developed into excruciating chronic pain requiring surgical intervention. Having completed her RYT 200 teacher training in the Spring of 2016, which, consequently, was the most painful time of her life, Tamika learned the power of yoga for pain management, and later, yoga for physical therapy. An advocate of yoga for every body and yoga as a conduit to form community, she delivers her classes to the amazing yogis of YogaOne, as well as to younger students as a part of a personal commitment to expand mindfulness and reduce body image issues in schools. Tamika is a student of various styles of yoga, including Forrest, Power Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative, and is forever a believer of Hot Yoga as a regular practice.