Ryan B

This is the inclusive principle that drives Ryan in her journey to build knowledge, experience, and compassion to make the Eight Limbs of Yoga an accessible reality for all. Born with a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, she used her inherent hyper-mobility to become a gymnast and, later, a professional dancer. Eventually, dislocations and injuries led to an early retirement from performing but, when Ryan encounters a wall, she finds the window of opportunity in it. In yoga, she found the opportunity to protect and repair joints while staying strong and focused. For Ryan, sharing yoga with others is a great joy that radiates in her classes, which are playful and humorous while being connected and introspective.

Ryan is a Kid’s Yoga teacher, DOGA instructor, USFS certified ice skating coach, Special Olympics Head of Delegation, volunteers for several outreach programs, and works with children who have motor skill and cognitive challenges. She also has a degree in interpreting for the Deaf and teaches the Strong Women/Strong Bones method of exercise for golden-agers. Her daughters, Alex and Ra, are the center of her universe and the source of her strength and endurance.