Lili Cortes
Lili was once new to yoga, she began practicing as a way to work out and gain flexibility. She did that. She got stronger, and she got flexier... but she also got happier. She found new ways to challenge herself and it gave her confidence. She found something that taught her how to FOCUS and it gave her determination. She found a community of people who all once were where she was and it gave her support.

She fell in love with yoga and decided to share it with others.

Her classes and personality provide a space for students to feel inspired and challenged. Yogis of all levels will enjoy a practice that combines fluid movements with steady holds designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles and mind. Her cues and guidance for mindful focus on breath & intent will leave students feeling sweaty and relaxed. Lili believes that yoga is a bridge between our physical selves and our erratic, worried, crazy, hopeful, anxious, forgiving, emotional selves. She believes that by practicing consistently we can become aware of our bodies and begin to curb its reactions to our minds.

She knows this sounds like hippie nonsense and she doesn't care.

Lili completed her RYT200 training under Roger and Albina Rippy of YogaOne Studios in 2015. She teaches adults and kids yoga and would probably teach your doggos too. She is currently working toward a RYT500 certification and is SO PUMPED that you are reading this because that means you might come to a class! Come say hi and see what all the love is about.

She'll teach you with a smile. She'll make you feel inspired. She'll hi five you at the end.