Celina Rangel
Celina’s passion and love for yoga are portrayed through the classes she teaches. Her flow classes work on strength, flexibility, and balance while feeling relaxed and at peace at the same time. Her mantra is to “do what feels best for your body today.” Her classes focus on breath and listening to your body so that you leave her class feeling light, happy, and relaxed. She also enjoys connecting with her students through assists, so that her students know just how much she cares for them and how important their yoga practice is to her. Seeing smiles on her students’ faces after her class is what Celina hopes most to achieve.

Celina began her yoga journey in August of 2014 solely as a way to exercise, but what she found was so much more. She learned that yoga not only made her stronger and more flexible, but it also made her feel happier and calmer. Celina loves to practice all kinds of yoga, and she especially loves incorporating binds, twists, and bends into her own practice. Exactly two years after starting her yoga practice at YogaOne, she went through yoga teacher training with YogaOne in August 2016. She is so excited to be even more involved and apart of the YogaOne Community as a new yoga teacher, and she looks forward to learning and growing with YogaOne in the years to come. Celina was born and raised in Houston and currently resides in Pearland. She has been married for over 9 years and has two daughters, who are 3 and 5 years old. She is currently a stay-at-home mom, who loves sharing her passion for health and happiness through her blog and, of course, teaching yoga at YogaOne.