Lindsey Potter
Lindsey’s passion for yoga is evident through her teaching as she leads a fun and challenging class while focusing on how the physical body, breath and mind work together for healing, growth and self- discovery. Lindsey’s intention is to lead you through a practice of effort and ease, a physically powerful practice while encouraging ease and softness to connect to the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies for overall health and wellness. Lindsey started practicing yoga in 2005 when she was looking for balance in her workout routine. Not long after she picked up a regular yoga practice did she start to see major shifts off her mat inspiring her to live life to the fullest! Her love for healing through alternative practices began years ago as she pursued a career empowering children to cope with life’s most challenging events in healthcare. Seeing the effects in her own life she began incorporating yoga, meditation and mindfulness to help children and adults alike. Lindsey became RYT200 certified with teachers Albina Rippy and Roger Rippy in 2015 and teaches Hot, Hot Core Explosion and Vin Yin here at YogaOne. When she is not on her mat you can find her spending time with her husband, dog and cat or soaking up life and seeing the world.