Brenda Gonzalez
Brenda teaches hot core cardio. If your current workout is missing a soundtrack, check out her Hot Core Cardio class!! You will leave feeling energized!

Brenda started her yoga journey four years ago in Boston. She started taking classes in a small studio with a group of friends in hope to better her lifestyle. Yoga helped her become healthier and even more passionate about fitness. During this journey, she has experimented with kickboxing and weight lifting but yoga has always been her foundation. Her practice has helped her become her best self and she is still growing. Brenda found YogaOne after moving to Houston in 2014 and right away the Y1 community made her feel at home. She brings her unique, fun, and inspiring personality to each class. Her classes are challenging, but rewarding.

Outside of the yoga studio, Brenda enjoys boxing and rollerblading. She often enjoys watching UFC, WWE, and the New England Patriots. Some other hobbies are reading and listening to all genres of music. If you loved a playlist during class, find her on Spotify: bgonzale03.