Lisa Molin
Lisa is a native New Yorker who is delighted to be a part of the YogaOne community/family.

She has studied: violin, all forms of dance for twenty years, acting, meditation, and started practicing yoga at the age of sixteen. She is a life long vegetarian and enjoys anything related to food and eating - there is not much she doesn't find tasty! She loves to take long walks, nurture plants, hang out by the ocean, and travel. Central America is a place that has captured her heart. Yoga is one way she finds inner peace and balance. Lisa loves her yoga students, and loves to lay hands on them! Likewise, she loves any special attention she receives from teachers!

Lisa has a beloved cat Mittens (who honestly doesn't deserve the love, affection, and care she receives on a daily basis!).

And when Lisa is not at YogaOne, she spends time at Lakewood Church singing in the Choir.

It is a blessing, honor, and privilege to be a teacher at YogaOne.

I'll see you in class!