Amanda Hale
Amanda has been teaching yoga at YogaOne Studios since 2012. Her style of teaching is lively, energetic, and filled with thoughtful and descriptive cues for each pose, particularly helpful for all levels of students. Her intention for her students is to leave her class feeling exhilarated and full of life and light. Amanda believes that yoga is her way of relieving stress, a way to open her heart to love and compassion, a way to connect emotionally with everyone around her, and a way to challenge, strengthen and grow her body, mind and spirit.

Amanda began her yoga practice in 2007, while living as an expat off the west coast of Africa. During a visit to Houston in the fall of 2008, she began taking classes at YogaOne and in March 2011, Amanda graduated from YogaOne Teacher Training. It was then that Amanda began teaching regularly at the community clubhouse back in Africa.

Now a Houston resident, Amanda regularly teaches hot and flow classes at YogaOne and enjoys practicing Vinyasa flow and Forrest yoga. Amanda completed her MBA at the University of St. Thomas in 2012. She is Co-owner and Director Of Operations at YogaOne Pearland and is also a loving wife and devoted dog-mom. Namaste.