Liz E. Ching
Liz encourages new students not to rush themselves into doing arm balances or inversions but to learn alignment, to slow down in their practice enough to find the spots in the body they can open up to. This allows them to strengthen and tone all systems of the body(muscles, organs, joints & connective tissues) by releasing tension, stress, and emotions in those tighter areas. This helps to create good habits of alignment, to stretch and tone evenly without risk of injury. The physical asana practice is a tool to get focused, centered and quiet, to get into the core of the mind to flush out negativity, judging or comparing, self doubt or any other limiting beliefs. The yoga practice can reveal patterns of the mind, parts of ourselves that show up off the mat. Her classes gives her students a chance to heal themselves on the mat so they are not motivated by competition, ego, fear, judgement, hurt or rage. It enables them to deal with stress, conflicts and crisis which makes them more
loving, aware and connected to their families, friends, and community. Seeing the impact of how a yoga practice can address so many elements of the mind, body and spirit makes Liz want to share the power of this practice with others.