Jackie Short
Jackie teaches hot yoga classes with a passion for exploring the self and connecting with others. She leads her classes in the way that she approaches her daily life, with deep curiosity, joy and compassion. Her students will feel safe while being challenged and uplifted. She loves to watch her students blossom and shine, both on and off the mat.
Jackie was introduced to yoga in 2010, right here at YogaOne. She was amazed at the wonderful sense of stillness and satisfaction that she felt after her first class, and she knew she wanted this feeling to be a part of her life forever. She is very grateful for the inspiration of her teachers and students. Jackie completed her teacher training in 2012.

Jackie grew up in Florida where the sounds of the sea and the magic of rolling, saltwater waves were her first love; but, she adores living in Houston, under it’s vast, vibrant sky. When she is not practicing yoga she is teaching elementary school to some very special children who keep her laughing and young at heart.