Alex Kutac
Alex is a vivacious and light-hearted instructor. She loves yoga for so many reasons, but primarily because it has taught her the antidote to chronic thinking and stress: getting into feeling. Alex believes that yoga postures are not magical exercises that have the power to transform an average person into an enlightened super-being (LOL!). However, she will encourage you to find the version of any pose that works for your body in the moment (even if that means lying down on your back and taking a break)- “You do you, boo!” The most important rule in her class is to “be kind to your body.”

For Alex, the “magic” of yoga lies in physical feelings and sensations. She sets an intention in every class- this intention is something you can feel and focus your attention on in every single pose. Focusing on physical sensation will allow your mind to calm down. It will teach you how to be fully in the present moment. It will teach you how to connect to your body in loving, judgement-free way.

Alex looks forward to seeing you on your mat!