hot yoga | forrest yoga | vinyasa flow
Alex Kutac
Alex is a vivacious and light-hearted instructor. What students can expect in one of her classes is a physically and mentally challenging class that inspires focus, balance, and clarity through linking physical movement with your breath. She encourages students to leave their comfort zone both on and off the mat, as well as to not take themselves or their practice too seriously. Additionally, Alex is known for giving plenty of caring hands-on adjustments to her students in order to provide maximum benefit and safety in the postures. Alex is experienced at working with students of all ages, fitness levels, and body types. All skill levels are welcome: beginner to advanced.

From a very young age, Alex has had a passion for movement, especially dancing. She first experienced the clarity of yoga in the form of swimming. After graduating college, she was eager to fill the void of competitive sports, and wandered through the doors of YogaOne Studios. She completed her yoga teacher certification with YogaOne in 2013. Through yoga, she has learned to embrace and honor the sweet place of stillness that connects each of us to the flow of life as well as the physically challenging aspects of the practice.