Bobby Phelan
Bobby's class is all about getting into a powerful, calm, quiet, zen state of mind. A zen state of mind allows access to better feeling one's own body as well as a steady cool confidence. Feeling and confidence are essential because these qualities assist all aspects of life and allow students to eventually become their own teacher. Bobby believes the mind always breaks before the body. If a person cultivates a quiet mind, that student will soon discover a new level of physical endurance, mental clarity, and spiritual strength.

Bobby began his spiritual journey five years ago while living life as a ski bum out is Salt Lake City. By applying meditation to snowboarding, he soon discovered how moving with a silent mind increased his physical strength and endurance. It also taught him that moving through with grace and finesse, instead of brute strength, is the most powerful way to live. Bobby took his first yoga class two years ago with the hope that it would help him achieve the Zen state in all aspects of life. He soon found that the same passion that exists on his snowboard also appeared on his mat. Now, as a yoga teacher, Bobby is committed to helping his students attain the same physical strength and quiet confidence that he found on his board and his mat.