Connie Chen Rollins
For a several years of Connie’s practice, a yoga class was considered a treat after a stressful week. Sometimes it happened and other times it didn’t. Eventually, something shifted and what once served as an escape from daily life became a wise teacher and a powerful vehicle for self growth. Since then, Connie’s passion is to share the exhilaration, empowerment, and inner peace that can be found in breath awareness and intentional movement. Connie creates a welcoming and supportive space for students to play, learn, and have fun breaking down barriers on and off the mat. Students have the opportunity to get curious, and explore the possibilities of the mind and body - connected!
Connie became a certified yoga teacher under the guidance Albina and Roger Rippy in 2013. She continues to find inspiration in growing with her students, making and eating tasty and/or nutritious foods, and spending time in her learning zone.