Toanne Choo
Toanne ("Tone") inspires her students to practice on their mats how they want to live off their mats. With her breath cues and calm voice, she helps her students find ease in the poses. Toanne emphasizes self-care, judgment-free practice, and feeling more. These are things she also tries to practice herself, having sustained many injuries before when she thought pain equaled gain or the mistaken notion of perfection. To complement safe alignment and to help students find a different feel to their poses, Toanne expertly gives hands-on assists. She is known to give awesome Savasana assists because she enjoys receiving them herself. She loves to make her students smile or laugh with her dry humor. Her plan for her students is to have fun. If a student gets an a-ha moment, no matter how small, that’s the icing on the cake! Toanne's favorite chant is Lokah Samaastah Sukhino Bhavantu (may all beings everywhere be happy and free).
Toanne began taking yoga classes in 2010 with focus only on flexibility and physical fitness. In 2014, she reflected on her life and decided to sign up for YogaOne’s teacher training as many claimed it was life changing. It was! Aho! Toanne’s yoga journey truly began then; she found her own voice, an improved mind set, a better approach to people and life, and new role models. With a belief in raison d' être and a practice of equanimity, Toanne is truly grateful for everyone she meets. She would love for you to be a part of her journey, and her in yours.