Zev Ramos
Zev (short for Zevi) teaches a class to enliven the inner fire and strength of students. His teachings/ techniques are mainly inspired by his daily experiences in life and encounters with other people. So expect the unexpected when Zev teaches. He may teach an electrifying fun/light class leveling up a practice. Zev assists his students by centering on breathe and the overall feeling of a pose. He emphasizes on how a pose feels rather than forcing a pose to look great from the outside. Zev enjoys explaining the benefits, purpose and advantages of a pose and its application outside of the yoga room. He offers a motivating class so students can feel an inner connection and discovery. Students leave the yoga room learning something new internally and physically. Overall, one will definitely leave smiling after Zev teaches.
Zev started his yoga practice when a friend of his dragged him to try out Yogaone. He was hooked after his first class. Zev completed his 200RYT from Yogaone teacher training in the summer of 2013. When not teaching, you will see Zev on his mat taking a class. Other than yoga running is one of his many passions competing in several marathons. From his yoga practice he learned that patience is the key in running long distances. The outdoors is Zev’s playground as he enjoys connecting with the scenery and nature. He is proud of putting on his skis, hiking up a trail or just enjoying what the outside can offer. He learned from yoga that your body will open up if you start with your heart.